Friday, May 11, 2012

Birth Mother's Day

I want to make a unique exception today and post about something non-food related (a first in five years of blogging) because I feel so strongly about it and hope to spread the word to bless my dear cousin's family.  Tomorrow is Birth Mother's Day. I'm sure many of you didn't know that.  I didn't either.  One of my best friends placed a baby for adoption about 11 years ago and she made me aware of this special day.  It's a day that was created in 1990 by a group of Seattle birth mothers as a day to honor and remember. It is always the Saturday before Mother's day.

I have SO much admiration and respect for Birth Mom's who selflessly place their baby's for adoption.  And I wanted to spread the word about an amazing family who is praying for a birth mother to find them and help grow their family.  My sweet cousin, Kristi, and her husband, Quinn, are hoping to adopt.  Their beautiful daughter, Lila, was born with an extremely rare genetic syndrome called Vici Syndrome.  They are incredible, loving, devoted parents to this beautiful angel.  Lila will not be on the earth for very long because of this rare condition.  No one is more deserving of adding children to their family than Kristi and Quinn.  And so they have thoughtfully turned to adoption as a means to bring more children to their home.  I know that any child would be richly blessed, loved, adored, and cared for in their home.

Please pass this along, if you would, and hopefully a birth mom will stumble upon this and feel that Kristi and Quinn are the adoptive parent's they have been searching for as well.

You can read more about their story at her blog:  Quinn, Kristi and Lila

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gina @ Birth Mother Baskets said...

Love you friend! I hope they find their angels soon.