Saturday, December 6, 2008

Easy Corn Muffins

I first introduced to these tasty, easy muffins when my friend, Lindsey, brought them to accompany a delicious chili she'd made for our family after I had my first baby. I was blown away by how tasty they were--and so moist. I think that sometimes cornbread can get a little bit dried out. And then I was equally excited to find out how easy they are to make. I like my cornbread to have some sweetness to it--and these definitely have the right amount of sweetness. I made these when we had some friends over to dinner and my friend's husband keeps begging me to make those muffins for any dinner or party that we all go to together. They are perfectly moist and so delicious!

Easy Corn Muffins from Lindsey M.

1 pkg corn muffin mix (any)
1 (16oz) pkg yellow cake mix

Combine the two dry mixes. Follow the directions from each of the packages and add the amount of eggs, water, oil, etc that each recipe calls for. Stir and put into greased cupcake pan. It should make about 24 muffins.

Tips: I'll often just use half of each dry mix and then just use half of the ingredients called for on each package. Then I just get a dozen muffins and am less temped to eat them all!?! Also, if you find that the cake mix adds too much sweetness, you can use the reduced sugar cake mix. We did that this time and they still tasted good---although I have a sweet tooth and will do it with the regular cake mix next time.


Stephanie said...

Hey wow! My roommate used to make a cornbread out of cake mix, and I never did get her recipe. It was the best cornbread I've tasted - I like mine to be a bit sweet too. I'm glad you posted this!

Barbara Bakes said...

I was really surprised when I saw the recipe. I wonder if this is similar to the Marie Calender corn bread that I love.

Tammy said...


Is the cake mix one of the smaller Jiffy versions or is it a large box of cake mix?

I have seached and searched for a moister way to make these muffins.


Marisa said...

Good question, Tammy. I use just the Jiffy size of corn muffin mix. And then I just use a 16oz yellow cake mix.