Sunday, July 24, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Update (12/15/2011): I think I've gotten most of my old pictures back up.  But I apologize as I know there are a few still missing.  They are pictures that are lost in cyberspace forever and I can't locate on my computer.  So I will be making those dishes in the future and posting pictures of them.  Thanks!

I've been trying to figure out for the last few days why my pictures and blog header haven't been working.  I was thinking there was an issue with Blogger....and then it never fixed itself (like most of those issues do).  I then went on the search today for an answer online and saw that someone had posted about joining Google+ and erasing a bunch of pictures that posted on there.  Well, apparently when you erase pictures from Google+ that are in your Picasa Web Albums it also erases those pictures from your blog.  I asked my cute hubby if he'd happened to erase any pictures as he just joined Google+ this week.  He didn't think he did....but then remembered that he had erased some food ones because he didn't really want those posted on his profile.  Sniff, sniff.  So four years of pictures for this blog are now gone.  It was a simple, honest mistake.  Although I still wanted to scream and cry out of frustration. But hopefully you can learn from me!  So I'm off to (sadly) go hunt through a billion folders on my computer to try and find all my pictures.  *Sigh*.  I've spent a good few hours of today finding and reposting some of my most recent recipes. But please bear with me while some posts might be picture-less for a little bit.  And I guess it's time to revamp the header as I just cannot find that one on my computer anywhere.

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