Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oreo Truffles

I love the blog My Kitchen Cafe! I needed something yummy and creative for our Church's girl's camp fundraiser and I found this recipe on her blog. These have become my "signature" item at our church since then. I have taught the young women how to make them (like I'm any type of expert...ya, right) and have had three requests since to bring them to a church function. They are SOOOO good!

Oreo Truffles adapted from Bakerella

1 package (18 oz.) Oreo cookies, crushed into small pieces
1 8-oz. package cream cheese, softened
1 package Almond Bark
Chocolate chips or chocolate bark for drizzling

Mix crushed Oreos and cream cheese until well-combined. The best way to do this is using your fingers - it will be messy! Roll into 1-inch balls and place on baking sheet or tray. Refrigerate until firm, 3-4 hours (or stick in the freezer for about an hour).Melt white almond bark according to package directions. Using 2 forks (or a spoon, but forks always work better for me), dip Oreo balls into white coating and place onto waxed paper to harden. Once dry, melt chocolate bark (or if using chocolate chips, melt chocolate chips with a bit of shortening) and scoop melted chocolate into a ziploc baggie. Snip a very small corner off the bag and drizzle back and forth over the truffles. Let dry. Chill them and serve after chilled (they taste best cold!).

I made chocolate ones out of the extra leftover milk chocolate. I still think the white chocolate are the best, though!

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